plant representing growth through virtual therapy for anxiety burnout and codepedency

From anxiety and burnout to alignment and ease.

I help caring, capable, and driven millennial and gen-x women to exchange anxiety and burnout for more fulfilling, aligned, and joy-centered lives.

You care a lot, you can handle a lot, and you are constantly doing. Even though it looks like you’ve got things handled, you are self-aware enough to know that you are on the edge of burnout, anxious, guilty (because you can never quite do enough), and honestly… unfulfilled. 

You’re there for everyone-colleagues, your partner, your parents, your children, your community, and your friends. It feels like your life isn’t even your own, just run by expectations and obligations (yikes!).

In the middle of all of the  role, goals, worries, and the to-do lists, you have lost yourself. Resting, focusing on you, centering your joy sounds like a dream. Maybe you even feel shame or guilt for wanting more.

Just surviving is not enough, let’s get you moving past anxiety, codependency, and burnout and towards thriving!

Compassion + Somatic Therapy + New Skills and Patterns

My name is Lauren, I am energetic, engaged, and compassionate therapist who specializes in helping clients process the trauma that holds them back and build the skills they need to create new patterns of ease, connection, and thriving in their lives and relationships. I serve clients virtually throughout California and use somatic therapy and ACT in my practice.

For millennial and gen-x women, it can feel like we are constantly caught up in competing priorities and a million transitions. We are trying to love, maintain friendships and partnerships, support parents and kids, create meaningful careers and build businesses, learn to set boundaries, heal generational trauma, care for our health, and maybe trying to squeeze in time for a Netflix show or a passion 😓 . Where is the space for enjoying and embracing life?

Spending so much time is survival mode and striving mode that we lose ourselves, our wellbeing, our joy in the process? I’ve been saying a clear “Nope” to that for a while now, read more about me here.

Lauren Ludlow, LCSW somatic therapist ACT therapist for millennial and gen-x women with anxiety, burnout, and codependency

Understanding Patterns of Anxiety and Burnout

Let’s look at these patterns with less self-criticism and more self-compassion. The thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are getting in your way aren’t failures. You developed them for a reason.

  • Experiences of rejection or abandonment lead us to anticipate the needs of those around us to make sure we’re helpful and indispensable
  • Backlash when we have tried to express our needs or feelings leads us to self-silence
  • Seeing our caregivers live by rigid beliefs about what it means to be a good child, partner, worker, or friends leads us to fear or judge our desire for something different
  • Being rejected for our identities or ways of being lead us to protect ourselves by not relying on anyone but letting everyone rely on us
  • Experiences where we had little control lead us to find comfort in constantly doing, striving, achieving

It is time for new patterns, ones that center joy, fulfillment, compassion and thriving.

How I Can Help

Heal trauma | Clarify values| Build skills | Create life-giving patterns

My practice is an affirming space for BIPOC, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and anyone who has experienced oppression where you can also process and heal from the impacts of racial trauma, social trauma, and the impacts of oppression.

I work with curious, motivated, and self-aware clients who are eager to find a space where they can be honest and fully accepted as they heal from their trauma, get clear on their value, vision, and goals, and build the practical skills they need to create new life-giving patterns.

I am a compassionate, open, supportive, and engaged therapist who blends somatic therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy to support you through this process.

plants representing growth through somatic therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy

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